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September 21st 2006, 02:58 PM
Hi David,

I had to write to you after I saw your video of Best of You. I always loved the song but didn't realize what it was really about until I saw the video. I guess before I go any further, is it about abuse and sexual abuse?? If so, I want to stand up and applaud you all for that song and video.

Let me explain, I work for The RAACE Foundation. RAACE stands for Race Against Abuse of Children Everywhere; we're based out of Baltimore, MD. Our mission and dedication is the prevention of child sexual abuse. Check out our website at www.raace.org. The statistics are haunting and one of the biggest problems with our society is that no one wants to open their eyes and believe that such horrible things are happening to millions of families and even worse; our children. RAACE Foundations primary responsibility is making the public AWARE! We believe that awareness is the first step to prevention. Forth coming, we'll be joining with partners to focus on the healing process.

That song would really help us get out the message. Lots of people get their strenght and motivation through music. How could we get you song to help in our mission?? Would you be willing to help us? How can I get a copy of your video? We're tossing the idea of having a benefit concert in Lancaster, PA on December 1st. Would it even be possible to have you there? I'm quite sure you have tons of requests everyday and I KNOW you're busy too! I have to ask though... We're just now compiling all the details. It would be such an honor to have you there; even to sing that song accoustically would be awesome!

Thanks for everything that you do! I hope this letter finds you well. Please keep in touch with us.

Stacy Smith
RAACE Foundation