View Full Version : Levis.. Why be a dick?

January 3rd 2004, 07:26 AM
Dude, people have the right to say what they want. Are you a foo? No? The shut up. Let people have hope, let people dream. Don't be a dickwad and shoot people down for no reason. That's not cool... Next time post in the right section...

Also, it didn't have to be said. You could have at least spoken English when you did say it. Now, please we don't need anymore assholes like yourself to drag people down for no reason other thay you're unhappy with your life and too lazy to get off your ass to do anything about it so you just sit in front of you computer knocking down other peoples dreams since you're to dumb to make your own happen. No one actually expects to be answered back, some people just expect to vent..

Next time think before you attempt to speak, and keep you ignorant ass negativity to yourself... ...Cock... Sorry, jus thad to thrown in one last insult...

Oh, one last thing.. End it here. Don't post me back with some dumb ass "You are fag" or "What a pussy" statement because chances are you don't have the ass to back up your mouth.. If you have something to say to me send me a message in private don't waiste other people's time...

January 3rd 2004, 11:30 PM
The dude is being a dick but there's kindof a reason why we don't let everyone reply to everyone else's letters to the band

If someone is posting something inappropriate or is being a dick in here, tell me - I don't read this section unless something is pointed out to me or a subject line catches my eye on page 1 (like yours did)

Seriously, let's keep this area for actual letters to the band, ok?