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August 31st 2007, 10:36 AM
Hey, I don't know if this gets to the band or not, but I figured someone could help me, as I would like to make a complaint.
Throughout the whole of the USA tour this year and before, I have gotten the newsletter emails again and again, perfectly on time informing me of presale tickets, which obvioulsy are no use to me as im in London, UK, so I figured I would easily be able to get pre-sale tickets to one of the two huge O2 arena shows, looking through my email the last few days.....no email came, so i tried to get them the normal way logging on to every ticket site I could think of this morning at just before 9am, 20minutes later ticket sites started working again and all said SOLD OUT, much to my dismay. I was prepared to keep looking over the next couple of months for a way to get tickets, but then an hour later, what comes through in my email inbox...the newsletter with all pre-sale links that I shouldve got over two days ago, now completely useless. So bit of a sob story I know, but I just wanted to know why this has happened and if its happened to anyone else, as I think its a bit of a piss take.